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Twisted Arrangements is a series of interconnected standalone novels featuring rich and powerful Alphahole MMCs and strong-willed FMCs. Please scroll down for trigger warnings and other content information.

STOLEN VOWS – Content information:

Kidnapping, captive, age gap, virgin FMC, strong language, body shaming, reference to eating disorder, mention of unprotected sex, violence, death, murder, spanking, mental health issues, near drowning, revenge, throat cutting, gore/blood, dark themes, possessive/jealous hero, miscarriage (in the past), domestic violence (slapped, punched), abuser forgiveness, attempted suicide (in the past), drug use, depression (in the past), low self-esteem, manipulation, drinking, smoking, hair pulling, interrogation, choking, light BDSM themes, hostage, chloroform, car crash, attempted sexual assault, car bombing, some other woman drama, falling down the stairs, vomit, a lake, adultery, mental institution, gun violence, rough sex, and edging.

FORCED UNION – Content information:

Kidnapping, stalking, needles, captivity, violence, death, spanking, dark themes, possessive/jealous hero, attempted sexual assault, attempted rape, gun violence, dubious consent, mention of possible infant death, age gap, mentions of sex trafficking and trauma, mention of underage rape, homosexuality, violence against homosexuals, PTSD, torture, drinking, hair pulling, car accident, jealousy, abduction, harassment, death of a parent, past child abuse, nightmares, mental breakdown, alcohol abuse, violent sports, house fire, arson, prostitution, illegal activities, anal play, workplace harassment of a co-worker, and drugging.

FOREVER FAKE – Content information:

Threats, possessive/jealous hero, theft, coercion, and more to come!