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~ Billionaire Romance

~ Fake Dating

~ Forced Fake Marriage

~ Grumpy X Sunshine

~ Age Gap

~ Steamy Romance

~ Morally Grey Hero

~ Opposites Attract

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Blake & Ginevra

In order to access the remainder of his inheritance, he must take a wife.

When he catches the youngest Pontrelli daughter stealing an invaluable object, he gives her two choices.

Either she can go to prison or become his fake fiancée and future wife.

Twisted Arrangements Series

A series of inter-connected standalones

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Roman & Sophia’s STORY

He’ll do anything for revenge.

Lie. Cheat.

Steal another man’s fiancée from her engagement party. She’s the key to his plan for vengeance. But if he’s not careful, she’ll bring him to his knees.

Read this steamy billionaire romance that features an arranged marriage, forced proximity, a damaged hero, and a feisty heroine.

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She’s a prim and proper mafia princess.

He’s a dirty-talking Bratva boss.

When her family reneges on their promised arranged marriage, he takes what’s owed. To seal the deal, he puts a tattoo on her ring finger: Property of Dimitri Kozlov.

Read this steamy billionaire romance that features enemies to lovers, opposites attract, forced marriage, a bad boy hero, and feisty heroine.

Curious about Cian and Ravenna?

Their story is coming in 2025! It will be book four in the Twisted Arrangements series.

Pre-order details will be available in September.